Thursday, March 5, 2009

32 Mile Cycling Day

I biked 32 miles yesterday: roundtrip to work at PII and to campus for a meeting. That's the most I've ever ridden in one day, and I'm still exhausted.

The morning ride to work was very cold and windy. We all (as well as anyone who heard about our trip) thought were insane, but we're not quitters! It really wasn't that bad once we got moving. It just sucked when we stopped for water and had to get started again. That's when it felt really cold.

I made it to work in less than 1.5 hours: moving time was 1:13:32 for 14:.3 miles (11.7 mph). When I got there, I was fully awake and ready to start the day. I did a few yoga stretches, then hit the showers. I had an incredibly productive morning, then I biked to campus for a meeting. I was amazed that my pace for that 1.7-mile ride was slower than the 14+ I had biked that morning, but I was carrying a huge bag on my back and my legs felt tired and cold.

Around 3 or 4 pm, we started to fade and get tired. While I did a test run with Jaosn on Saturday to see how the ride would feel, I only did it one way. (I rode the bus home as Jason tried to beat me home on the bike. I got off 3 miles from the apartment and we met up 1 mile later.) So I was afraid that my legs would be too tired and I'd be too exhausted after a full day's work to keep up. Surprisingly, we had a better pace going at the beginning of the ride because it seemed to be mostly downhill, but we started to fade a little towards the end and our average pace was a tad slower, but not by much: moving time home was 1:22:16 for 15.9 miles (11.6 mph). The weather was much nicer on the ride home. It was cool, but not hot.

After we got home, we promptly walked to dinner because we were starving! I called it a night early to give my body enough time to rest since I intended to get up early to run before work. That sure didn't happen! My knee right knee, the one that's been giving me trouble running, felt a little tight and ached a bit after the bike ride. I woke to most of the rest of my body also a bit stiff, so I opted to do some yoga instead. That felt really good and I may do it again tomorrow morning. I have the Disney 5K race with mom on Saturday, so I'm letting my legs rest until then.

Even though we're still feeling the effects of yesterday's bike ride, we plan to bike to work once a week. I think we just need an adjustment period. Our bodies and minds will get used to it after a few weeks and we won't feel so tired. We probably also need to eat more, and better, to make up for it. Eventually, we plan to work up to twice a week or more! I'm excited to embark in this new adventure in fitness. I'll probably buy a new bike road soon that is better suited for this kind of millage and duathlons :)

In other news, I caved and registered for the 10-week Galloway Maintenance Session with Track Shack. I know I'll keep up with the long runs better if I have a group, and I'll feel bad not going after spending all that money. This will ensure I keep my bace and I am ready to start training in June for a fall marathon.

I'm still choosing which will be my first marathon, so feel free to post your suggestions in the comments. I would prefer to run my first marathon in Florida so I do not have the added stress of traveling or running in unfamiliar weather/terrain (i.e. hills =P)

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