Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 May & June Recaps

I can't believe 2011 is already half over, but it's been a great one. I expect nothing but more great things for the 2nd half as I train and run my 2nd marathon! Yes, I am still excited about this :) Because of vacation, June was a better month than May for running,  but not for cycling. It's been super hot and with the start of the Galloway group I've been running in the mornings instead of cycling to work. I want to incorporate cycling back into my routine, even if just for cross-training and social rides, but I don't think I'll be commuting to work for a while. I need to put all my energy into getting used to the new routine of waking up at 4 am 3 days a week. In the fall, when the weather cools and I am able to run after work, that will probably change, but for now I am enjoying running consistently and I'm certainly seeing results.

Activity May June Goal Progress
 (should be 50%)
run + walk
72 100 524 / 1100 (48%)
87/mo; 22/wk; 3/day
walk 27 42 198 / 400 (49.5%)
run 45 58 326 / 700 (46.5%)
longest run 5 10 n/a
# of runs 14 12 12 / 12 (100%)
bike 198 0 732/2000 (37%)
146/mo; 37wk; 5/day
total 270 miles
34 hrs (1/day)
100 miles
28 hours (.9/day)
1,255 / 3100 miles
212 / 365 hrs (1.2/day)

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