Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Health, Running, Weekend

1) Health: I'm feeling much better. I still have residual tooth ache, but nothing a little ibuprofen can't handle. The runny nose is non-existant. I cough every so often, but it's not chronic and mostly a dry cough. I'm certainly on the mend. Yay! :)

2) Running: I still have not run since the 12 miles on 10/16, and I'll be running a half marathon in 3 days. Surprisingly, I'm not anxious at all about the race. I know I've trained enough to finish without injury. I also know I have not trained enough to PR, and I am prepared for a PW and just have fun, but I'm afraid of a relapse if I run before then. So instead of running after work yesterday, I made excuses why I couldn't -- its too hot, I'm still coughing, my tooth hurts, I need to help make dinner, I think my tummy aches -- LAME! 

The reality is I think I have a mental block. After not running for this long due to illness, I'm almost afraid to try for fear of getting sick again or it sucking. I keep telling myself that nothing I do this week will affect my performance on Sunday, and that it's probably better to rest up and ensure my health is 100% for the race. This sounds like another excuse, but I'll be more upset if I run and then am too sick to even try the race. I'd like to try at least a short run to remind my legs they can still run and prepare myself mentally, but I'm somehow more at peace with just resting until race day.  

3) Weekend Plans: The race is in Miami, so we originally planned to drive down with my parents Saturday morning and returning on Monday. It looks like I have to work on Monday, so we'll likely be driving by ourselves Friday night, then driving back on Sunday shortly after the race. I don't mind coming back early, but I was really looking forward to a massage on Monday. I may just schedule it after work or when we get back into town Sunday. Is it too soon to have a massage the afternoon after a morning race?

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