Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Brain Exchange: All About Blogs!

Jillian, from Finishing is Winning, is starting a weekly Q&A called Monday Brain Exchange for bloggers to play along in an attempt to fill the void left by the Runner's Lounge TiaRT. Today is the kick-off with this great question:

What/Who influenced you to start a blog? Where did you get your blog title? How long have you been blogging?

Before and After I am not really sure who influenced me to start this blog, other than probably all the other great running/fitness/weight loss blogs out there. I've had a blog on livejournal for a long time, but that was more for silly stuff. When I finally realized I was overweight and was ready to do something about it, I started this public blog to document my journey. That was over 2 years ago, on February 10, 2008.

My blog was originally named "Road to Fitness" because I wanted to focus on improving my fitness instead of just losing weight (shedding the pounds was a nice side effect, but also a big driving force). I eventually changed the name to "Lifestyle Change" because I wanted the blog to be about more than just fitness, and because I wanted to change my entire lifestyle not just be on a fad diet until the weight came off.

I still struggle with maintaining my weight at whatever magic number I deem appropriate in my head, but there is no doubt I've changed my lifestyle. I eat far better than I used to, even if I can't kick my chocolate and ice cream habit; I eat out way less and cook at home more; and exercise is no longer a means to an end; it is now a way of life and I can't imagine my life without it.

So that's the story of my blog's birth :) I can't believe I'm still blogging 2 years later, and I am forever grateful to everyone out there who reads and comments on my entries -- whether here or on facebook or on twitter -- and continues to encourage me in my never ending quest for the next challenge.

I want to continue blogging regularly, not just race reports, so I may start doing more weekly theme posts like this but perhaps I should start others of my own. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing:)

You are more than welcome to the Three Things Tuesday! Keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

Definitely play along with the Monday Brain Exchange... I think that and other themes that are floating around out there help keep your blogging brain sharp! Sometimes you discover things about yourself when you write on a theme that you may not have thought to write about on your own!

The Green Girl said...

Gosh, girl, you've come such a long way. I am so proud of you.

I enjoy reading your responses to questions like this as well.

Kitzzy said...

Thanks again for starting this weekly Q&A Jillian.

Jill, will do. What other themes are out there? Can you point me to some? Thanks!

Mary, thanks! =D

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