Saturday, December 12, 2009

Race Report: Reindeer Run 5K 2009

This will be sweet and short. The Reindeer Run 5K is a christmas themed fun run, so I set out to make the most of it with bows on my shoes and a santa hat on my head. I was pleased it was warmer than last year, and I could wear shorts and no sleeves.

Marathon training schedule called for 10 miles, so Jason and I ran almost 5 miles to the race with the Galloway group using 1:1 intervals -- we planned to run 4, but got lost on the way there. Since I planned to run another 4 miles back to my car after the race, I ran the race w/o walk breaks (except for 30 seconds at the water stop) at an easy with mom. We stayed together the whole time. I was actually having a hard time keeping up with her during the first mile because I was tired from the previous 5 miles. We were both getting tired at the end, but I dug deep and encouraged mom, and we sprinted together through the finish line in just under 40 minutes. We planned to run back, but one of my toe nails cut into my other toe making it bleed and I could not find a bandaid, so we got a ride back to the car with my parents. I do not have any data for this race because my Garmin died before I started to run, but it's oddly liberating to run without it from time to time.

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