Friday, December 5, 2008

Pre Race Checklist

I am making my final pre-race perparations before going to bed in a few minutes. I'm posting this here to remind myself for next time and in case anyone spots something I forgot :)

Night Before
  • lay out race clothes: sports bra, shorts, singlet, socks, shoes
  • back up Garmin and erase older lap memory
  • charge Garmin
  • charge iPhone & turn off pass code access
  • pack pre race bag (see below)
  • pack post race bag (see below)
  • panic
  • remind myself I've trained for this and I can do this. YES I CAN!
  • triple check every item on the lists
  • set alarm with beep
  • turn ON alarm D'oh!
  • go to bed
  • toss and turn for several hours
  • finally fall asleep about 1-2 hours before alarm is supposed to go off.
Race Morning
  • wake up before alarm goes off because I am too excited/nervous/anxious to sleep any longer (or because I forgot to actually turn it on)
  • use facilities
  • eat something (banana/bagel/luna bar)
  • drink water
  • use facilities
  • drink more water
  • get dressed
  • use facilities
  • make sure Jason is up
  • apply body glide
  • put on socks and shoes
  • double check contents of pre race bag
  • double check contents of post race bag
  • triple check that I have Garmin
  • grab purse and bags
  • OMG where is my BIB?
  • quadruple check I have everything and get in the car
  • drive to race (by this I of course mean Jason)
  • Park
  • Pick up timing chip and place securely on shoe
  • Meet Galloway group (6:45 am at timing chip pick up table)
  • Take group pictures
  • Line up at the back of appropriate pace sign (12-13?)
  • Smile for camera as I cross the finish line feeling and looking great ;)
Pre Race Bag
(aka what I'll carry on person/shorts during the race)
  • Garmin
  • Garmin strap
  • hat
  • arm warmers
  • headband
  • body glide
  • sunscreen
  • fleece vest (maybe)
  • sport beans
  • iPhone
  • ID
  • BIB!
Post Race Bag
  • Crocs
  • sports bra
  • race t-shirt / tank top
  • shorts / pants
  • jacket
  • oyster crackers :)
I think that's all. Shout if I forgot something!

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Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! I can't wait to read your race report!

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