Saturday, September 20, 2008

4+ Mile Long Run with Galloway Training Group

4.3 miles in 57:12 (13:22 pace)

I went for a 4-mile test run with the Galloway training group (run by Track Shack) this morning and it went great. My pace puts me at a 2/1 run/walk ratio and it wasn't too bad. This is actually the fastest I've ever run this distance and I know that is due to the walk breaks. The time flew by and I felt great afterwards.

My pace group also has mid-week group runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm, but I think I may do those on my own because I want to work on increasing how far and how fast I can run without walking for short distances. If all I ever run is 2/1, then my body may get too used to that and automatically always want to walk after 2 minutes. It works great for long runs, but I think I'll adjust it for shorter runs and races. For the 10K, I'll stick with walking 30-60 secs every 1/4 mile because that worked great for the Human Race. For next weekend's 5K, I'd like to try running the whole thing, but I know I'd be disappointed with my time, so I'll probably walk every mile or 1/2 mile for 30-60 secs.

So, I am now officially registered for Track Shack's Galloway Training Program and hope to be ready to run the OUC 1/2 Marathon on Dec 6. If that goes well, I'll probably run another in Feb/March, such as the Tampa Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon. This is also my last resort if I am not ready to run one sooner. I can't wait! :)


Anonymous said...

For long runs I still use a 4:1 Galloway method. For shorter runs (less than an hour) I still use a Galloway method, but I typically do a 9:1. I find that I am not as fatigued this way. I swear by Galloway!

Kitzzy said...

Glad to here it Jill. So far I'm liking it too because it is indeed improving my times by just adding those walking breaks and I feel much better when I am done. I figure after I finish this program, I can try a bigger run:walk ratio.

Running Knitter said...

Great job on your run!

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