Monday, April 6, 2009

30 Minutes of Non-Stop Running

Even though I am a huge advocate of the Galloway run-walk method, I still want to be able to run shorter distances of at least 3 miles without walking. I even walk during 5K races because I can run much faster when I take walk breaks, and I'm forever in search of a new PR =).

Since I don't want my body to forget what it feels like to run without walking, and because I want to increase how far and fast I can run without walking, I started adding a 30-minute non-stop run to my weekly routine 3 weeks ago. I am starting slow since I am technically building back up from an injury, but I'm already seeing improvements in just those 3 runs.

Below is a comparison of each 30 minute run. Click on the linked date to read the details of each run at my dailymile log.

datedistanceavg pacemile 1 pacemile 2 pacefinish pace

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