Sunday, October 28, 2012

Race Report: Bummer Half Marathon, #18

Today I ran half marathon #18, and it was my best executed race. It was not my fastest (nor my slowest by far - I've run 6 slower), but that wasn't the goal. Since I'm running another tomorrow, today's goal was to run comfortably and practice pacing, and I nailed it! Just look at these beautiful perfect negative splits:
Strong Finish
  • Time: 2:36:12
  • Avg Pace: 11:56
  • Loop Splits Pace: 12:26 - 11:50 - 11:22
  • Half Splits Pace: 12:16 - 11:31
  • Mile Splits Pace:
    • 12:38 
    • 12:32 
    • 12:31 
    • 12:26 
    • 12:14 
    • 11:51 
    • 11:50 
    • 11:48 
    • 11:45 
    • 11:42 
    • 11:38 
    • 11:35 
    • 11:05 
    • :42 (8:11 pace)
I started slow, using 1/30s intervals, and just tried to run each mile slightly faster than the previous one. I switched to 1:30/30s intervals for the last 6 miles. Secretly, I wanted to finish with sub-12 min/mi pace, but I wasn't going to push unnecessarily for that. In fact, I held myself back a little in the first 2 laps to ensure I could maintain the negative splits throughout, trying to keep each mile only a few seconds faster than the previous one. I knew if I ran a mile too much faster than the previous one then I would have to really increase my pace too much for the rest to keep it up. So I kept a laser sharp focus and then was able to let myself go for the last 2 miles. I still didn't really push the pace, I just didn't hold back anymore. 

I've been volunteering with Tracy's Racing since her first in September, but this was my first time running one. Much like DSE, these are very low key races with little fanfare but lots of love and support. I love the yummy goodies at the aid station, the great company, and the novelty finisher's bling she offers. Although an even smaller race than usual, it was a lot of fun. The washer machine style, where you switch directions after each 4.5 mile loop, is a great way for runners of different paces to see and support each other throughout the race. 

Clear Sunny Finish
Foggy Start
The weather was picture perfect too. It was super foggy as usually when I started, but still relatively warm, for at least the first lap. The fog was so dense that my eyelids were wet. But then the sun came up and it turned into a gorgeous morning. You can see the contrast from the start to the finish in these photos. I'm really glad I just wore a skirt and tank, because I felt comfortable the whole time, never hot nor cold. Jason came out to watch and serve as our photographer.

After the race, we went to lunch with the Tracy (RD) and her husband, and then took them to the Walt Disney Museum. It was a great way to spend the day. Now let's see what I can do tomorrow on tired legs, although they feel pretty damn good. I think they are actually more sore from standing around at the museum than the race.

And here's some silly photos with Tony and Tracy. THIS is why we run :)

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