Sunday, June 24, 2012

Big Life Change

Wow, it's been exactly one month since my last post, and a lot has happened since then. I've still been keeping up with my running (not so much with the cycling and yoga and other things), but I've been preoccupied and distracted by a big life change.

We're moving to San Francisco, California! 

One week from today on July 1st, Jason and I are getting in a rental car with a month's worth of possessions and driving across the country for a week, ending in our new home after stopping at some great sights along the way. We'll actually be staying in a temporary corporate apartment for a month until we find a permanent home. The rest of our possessions will be loaded up into a moving truck on Thursday and stored until we are ready for them to be delivered to our new apartment sometime in August.

I am excited and terrified, but the excitement far outweighs the fear. Change is always hard, but I am ready for a fresh start. Jason got a great job offer that we could not pass up, and this will be a great time for me to get out of my comfort zone and reinvent myself. After working at UCF for 15 years, where I also went to school, it finally feels like I'm leaving home and entering the real world. I'm really looking forward to the new experiences that San Francisco has to offer, and the new running environment with less oppressive humidity. I will certainly miss my family and friends dearly, but we'll keep in touch via Facebook (and maybe I'll start tweeting again for those who don't have Facebook).

Since we already registered for two big races in Orlando, we'll be flying back in October for Jason's Great Floridian Ironman Triathlon in Clermont (I'll be running the Floridian 15K there), and also in January for me to run the Goofy Challenge. I'll be training for it remotely along with my group, and we'll reunite to run it together in January. Hopefully some of them will also join me for the 15K in October. But San Francisco has no shortage of great races, and we are already registered or our first race there, the 1st Half Marathon of San Francisco Marathon on July 29th. The course looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to run the full marathon (or perhaps the ultra) next year. The hills won't be easy, but I'm ready to tackle a new challenge.

Do I have any readers living out there? I'd love to connect when I arrive. I've already scouted some running groups that I'll check out when I arrive, but my plan is to start the San Francisco Galloway Program since the closest one is several hours away and we don't plan to own a car (I'm so excited about that!).

I better get back to packing now, but I'll try to blog our cross-country trip and will be sure to take lots of photos.


Green Girl said...

This is so exciting!

Kelvin said...

Speaking for the non-Facebook crowd, your tweets are appreciated. :-)

KLETCO said...

San Francisco is supposed to be awesome. I'm so excited for you!

Lynda Lurei said...

That's so exciting!! What company will be moving your stuff in August? We've been planning on moving to Cali from FL and I'd love some tips!! So happy for you :D you're going to LOVE it!

Angela (SF Road Warrior) said...

I missed this when you posted it, but I am out in SF & we have a GREAT community of runner / bloggers here! Hopefully we can all connect with you! :)

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