Saturday, April 28, 2012

Race Report: Run for the Trees 5K 2012

Another great race this morning, and with it I close my 2011-2012 race season. Goofy training starts in June, and I'll be base building and likely not racing again until September. This was my 78th race since I started running 4 years ago, my 28th 5K, and my 5th year running this race. I PRed once again by over 1 minute, and I finally finished in under 30 minutes! Now I can retire from 5Ks =P

Since I've done this race every single year since I started running, it's a great way to compare my progress and see how far I've come.

  • 2008 = 42:57 (my 3rd 5k)
  • 2009 = 33:12 (-9:45)
  • 2010 = 32:10 (-1:02)
  • 2011 = 30:26 (-1:44)
  • 2012 = 29:23 (-1:03)
I wanted to make sure I warmed up well since I was going to need to push the pace from the start, so 5 of us met at the school and ran 2 miles to the start for our warm up. We kept it easy and slow with 1/1 intervals to save the legs for the race. I did a few sprints on the track when we got there then lined up with Katrina. They did not have pace signs like usual, so we just tried to start as close to the front as we could, but still wish we had gotten closer. I was just afraid of being in someone's way since I planned to use walk break for at least the first half.

It felt cool for the warm up and when we got there, but it was really warm and humid during the race and it affected my breathing. I ran with 4/1 intervals for most of the race, but adjusted for water stops. The 3rd interval was a 5-6 minutes run, walked and drank water for a minute or so, then picked it up again. I took one more walk break but skipped the last walk break during the last 3/4 mile, instead I slowed the pace a bit for that minute before kicking it into high gear for the final sprint.

As you can see from my splits below, I clearly started a bit fast and didn't have negative splits, but I'm still very happy with the results. I thought I felt twinges here and there, specially during that first mile, so I know I held back a little after that for fear of hurting my foot. I still pushed through the heat and humidity to maintain the pace, but when I knew I would PR and meet my goal I didn't feel the need to push harder. I really need to run a 5K in the winter to see what I can really do. After the race, I ran back to the car with Mandy using 2/1 intervals. Combined with the warm up and the race, we covered just over 8 miles today. It was a great start to the day and perfect way to get in a long run!

Official Stats:

  • overall: 354 / 1196 (30%)
  • AG: 23 / 110 (21%)
  • gender: 138 / 737 (19%)
  • clock: 29:46
  • chip: 29:23
  • pace: 9:27.2
  • Garmin: 3.16 miles in 29:23 @ 9:17 (3.1 in 28:59) 
  • Splits: 8:56 - 9:35 - 9:36 - 8:06 (.16)

Wow! I'm impressed with my placement and sub-30 even by the clock! Until next year! :)

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