Saturday, April 21, 2012

Race Report: Earth Day 12K

I loved this race, and if my schedule permits it I will be back next year. Let's get the stats out of the way firs.

  • Chip: 1:21:58 (7:15 PR)
  • Pace: 11:00
  • Overall: 138 / 180 (77%) 
  • Gender: 66 / 100 (66%) 
  • AG: 11 / 17 (65%)
  • Runmeter: 7.39 miles in 1:21:32 @ 11:02, (Accidentally closed app just after mile 7 for about 20s)
Outfit: I wore a green running skirt, because it's Earth Day, with a black tank top. I skipped the sleeves or knee high socks because I knew it would be warm. I should get rid of this shirt, because I hate the high neck, and should replace it with one that has a v-neck. Without planning it, I coordinated nicely with Brenda and Stephanie.

Sole Mates @ Earth Day 12K

Swag: For our $25 race fee, we got a chip timed race (there was even a starting mat!), a Zorrel tech tee with the race logo on burgundy, and a goodie bag with lots of samples. The shirt fits nicely, but I wish it was a different color. I'm not a huge fan of this shirt type because it has a high neck and is thicker than I prefer, but it should be nice for cooler weather this fall. Among the samples in the goody bag, I am most excited about the stay put hair ties! My hair needs all the help I can get to wrangle it.

Weather: The forecast the past few days called for thunderstorms, but we got really lucky. It was overcast the entire time, but it never rained a drop. It was still a bit humid, but we had a nice breeze from the lake. For late April, we can't really ask for better weather.

Course: The course is a loop around Lake Minneola, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It is advertised as flat and fast, which for Clermont I guess it is, but there were a few hills / elevation changes throughout. Nothing I couldn't handle though. There were ample water stops, although not exactly where I expected them. My only complaint is that there were no mile markers until mile 6.

Goals: My main goal for this race was to PR, which I knew would not be too hard since my only other 12K was 2 years ago at Bay to Breakers in San Francisco where I finished in 1:29:13 @ 11:57. However, I really wanted to average faster than my Half Marathon PR of 10:30 or at least under 11:00. I knew that was a long shot because I didn't plan to push the pace too much since I knew my legs are not fully recovered from last week's abuse -- my right foot and lower leg have been a bit cranky since the 5K last Thursday (and subsequent half marathon 2 days later) -- so I'd be happy with any PR as long as I did my best.

Jen playing peek-a-boo @ Earth Day 12K
Race: I ran with Brenda and Jen using 2/1 intervals for at least the first half. Our first mile was a bit fast, but I felt ok and kept it up. I had to adjust my pace/intervals for the hills, so that accounts for the up and down mile splits. I tried to pick up the pace a bit, but my legs seem to only have one gear today, so I switched to 3/1 intervals sometime around mile 5 so I could run at a steady pace for a longer distance. I took the last walk break around mile 7 then ran it in. I had plenty left for a finishing kick, but my foot was achy so I know it was smart to not push the pace earlier. All things considered, I'm thrilled with an 11 min/mi pace and a 12K PR by over 7 minutes.

Post-Race: One thing I love about Sommer Sports races is the post race food. There was lots of fruit (bananas grapes, and watermelon), bagels with peanut butter, chips, donuts, pretzels, and all kinds of cookies. I may have indulged in a few too many Oreo cookies, but I never buy those at home so why not.

Final Thoughts: As usual, Sommer Sports did not disappoint. I had a blast running with friends in great weather celebrating Earth Day.


Robin LeRoy_Kyle said...

Great job out there. I noticed you guys were all coordinated (outfits)... cute! 

Kitzzy said...

Thanks! It was totally unplanned!

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